Nov 25 - Dec 31, 2015

Usage HK is reborn as a Life Style Gallery Space.

Usage_to HK launch a big challenge to offer new style and concept of values to life of modern people with artists and creators who has marked indivisuality by proposing things and products from HK where mixing east and west culture.

We chose “White” as an our first exhibition concept.
White is a moment of energy and intention which is just before our imagination become having color and shape.

White is an exhibition to show you our clear vision.
We start our journey to let people’s life enrich by power of art and creative with various talent, changing sensitivity, unchanged technology and storing passion.

Everything starts from color of white.
WHITE is a color of Purity, Innocence, Nothingness, Beginning, Goodness, transparency, Beauty.
White is the starting point of every creation. 
There are uncountable color of white but white is not just about aesthetic but about concept.
Every Artists, Designers, Food creator, Architects, Product Designers, fashion Designer, Businessman, students, or kids will start from white paper to draw their ideas or to experiment, draw business plans, write down what they’ve learned of or try out new things. It is a starting point of everything. In TO USAGI, we will use white as a platform for concept and will release everything under the theme of WHITE.