POST : March 1,2016

Woolgathering ARTIST


Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi (Finnish, b. 1975), Amsterdam based and internationally appreciated artist showcases the exhibition Woolgathering at Usagi Gallery, Hong Kong, presenting surreal and unique artworks manufactured with jacquard weaving technique. The tapestries are made of mohair, merino and alpaca, mixed with cotton and synthetic materials, such as rubber, phosphate and metallic acrylic threads. With Woolgathering, Saksi is continuing his journey in textile art after succesfully exhibited Hypnopompic, an ongoing exhibition that has been traveling in galleries and museums in Helsinki, London, Brussels, New York, Mexico City, Taipei and Madrid since 2013. Currently, a part of the exhibition is shown at Cooper Hewitt Museum’s Beauty Triennial in New York City.




Story of Woolgathering