POST : Nov 11,2015



Jon Contino

New York / USA

Jon Contino is a renowned Creative Director from New York City. Over the past two decades, his designs, typography, and illustrations have been publicized in many international design magazine covers. His varieties of work include t-shirts, album jackets, murals, food trucks, movie posters, websites, and national ad campaigns and more. In the exhibition WHITE, Jon did an collaborative art piece with Mino Ware Crafsman to create one of a kind skate board and zippo case made of Japanese traditional crafsmanship – Mino Pottery.


Maricor Maricar

Sydney / Australia

Maricor Maricar is an Australia based design and illustration sister creative team, specializing in hand-made embroider and tactile graphics. For the WHITE exhibition, they made 2 special art pieces inspired by the traditional Japanese fabric called Kaya Fabric and Daruma thread, that is mainly use for making mosquitos net.


Kate Moross

London / UK

Kate Moross is an award-winning multi-tasking illustrator, art director, and designer that burst into the creative scene since 2008 at a very young age. Her passion for colour and energetic squiggles has caught the eyes of everyone, and has become one of the most sought after collaborators in the design world. Kate has made a typography-graphic pattern for the exhibition WHITE.

“As an artist I rarely work withoutcolour. White can be seen as the colour that is created when all colours within the spectrum are combined so for my peice I wanted to illustrate that in some way. I decided to use expressive typography to inscribe the words of hundreds of colours into my design. So I managed to create something full-of-colour/colour-full wihtout using any at all.”


Damien Poulain

London / UK

Damien Poulain is a London and Paris based graphic designer and illustrator working across a wide range of fields since 2002, with a specific focus on art, fashion and music. He also publishes photography books under the name oodee which brought him international recognition with his unique tastes towards contemporary photography. Damien made a unique artwork for the theme ‘white’ using the moon as a love message.

“I made a unique artwork for the theme ‘white’ using the moon as a love message. BE MY MOON”


Ahonen & Lamberg

Paris / France

Ahonen & Lamberg is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Paris. Founded in 2006 by Finnish designers Anna Ahonen and Katariina Lamberg, it concentrates on art direction, creative consultancy and graphic design covering a wide range of areas and an equally vast client list ranging from multinational companies, magazines or luxury brands to emerging artists and fashion designers. Ahonen & Lamberg created a special art work under the concept of white with their unique twist to it.

“Symbol of white – Nerium_oleander ”


Kenji Nakayama

Boston / USA

Kenji Nakayama aka Kngee is a sign painter based in Boston. He studied traditional sign painting and dedicating most his time and energy to art- making. Kngee’s practice ranges from careful pinstriping, gilded lettering to hand-cut and multi-layered stencil paintings. Each intricately carved stencil painting is a unique manifestation of documenting and responding to the environment surrounding him that often take months to complete. For the exhibition WHITE, Kngee did special hand drawn texts for WHITE event merchandize products.








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