Sep. 8 - 9



Make Asia 2017〜Vol.0〜

Usagi Hong Kong makes a new start as a startup space.
Prior to this restart, we will hold an event < Make Asia 2017〜Vol.0〜 “Rites of Passage”>
this September.
Many talented people from different fields will join us and disseminate new ideas to the world.
We shall make it a regular scheduled event held with clear intent.


Excessive capitalism and traditional business models have exhausted our society. Antithesis and reactions against traditional values are arising seeking something new.
New technology, new types of contributions to society, new culture, new entertainment.
We give serious thought to“what is real happiness?” and proactively create a network from Hong Kong to promote and support startup businesses.
This event is not an ordinary startup event.
It is our constellation based not only on the experiences in a virtual web world but also based on experiences in the real world. We are not facing or overlooking each other, but getting together.
We will provide support in many different ways, to those who have just started and who will make a new step. Surely this support will deliver growth to us in the future.
We will create a new world class value from Hong Kong, the entrance to Asia as well as a watershed between Asia and Euro-America.

”What is real happiness”
We are about to lose something precious with the significant changes in the world.
What is really necessary for us now?
New technology, new types of social contributions, new organizations, new recreation…
What will they bring to us?
Aristoteles said, “Happiness is intelligence.”

MAKE ASIA 2017 is an occasion for startup companies to exchange opinions on happiness and intelligence with VIP guests, which will help them get new ideas for business.





Anson Chan

/ Bonds Group CEO

Mr. Anson Chan is a respected Hong Kong businessman who has accumulated a variety of management and investment experiences. Over the years, he has served as an executive director for his family’s real estate development and investment business, the Bonds Group of Companies.

Mr. Chan participates actively in various civic organizations, such as the Better Hong Kong Foundation, Rotary International, The Hong Kong Fringe Club, the Community Chest of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, and the University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation.
Mr. Chan has been a deputy member of the Central Committee of Kuomingtang (中國國民黨中央侯補委員) in Taiwan since 2005.

Jun Yamadera

/ Eyes,JAPAN

Jun Yamadera founded EYES JAPAN CO. LTD. in 1995, the first IT startup from the University of Aizu, Fukushima. In the past 20 years, he has been working on various cutting edge projects such as exporting Fukushima rice via web in 1995, making world’s first virtual pottery system, making CG of historical archives of national treasure of Japanese castles, temples, traditional dances and medical motions using motion capture. He is a pioneer in Augmented Reality wearable technologies, Medical x IT and has been organizing world’s first medical security hackathon since 2012. His team won the the championship in Developers Challenge 2013 Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley. He is the Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter Leader and a TEDxKobe 2015 Speaker. He started a project called “FUKUSHIMA Wheel” in the aftermath of the terrible disaster caused by the earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima, JAPAN in March 11, 2011.


/ Project director

XIE Pinhua
Project director of New Time (China) Co,.LTD.
Responsible for international trading of product design and brands
Currently cooperate with more than 90 brands from Japan,Taiwan,Denmark and France.
Completed his studies at National Taiwan University’s Institute of Geography and the Institute of Law at Soochow University.
His profound insight and broad world view have helped New Time become the most influential general agent for high-end brands in China.

Monica Shen

/ Director, Programming & Partnerships
Seeed Studio & x.factory, Shenzhen, China

Based in Shenzhen, China, Monica is currently responsible for content programming and international community partnerships at Seeed Studio, the world’s third largest open source hardware company that provides a platform for hardware innovators to take their project ideas from prototype to production, and x.factory, Seeed’s innovation hub where global tech innovators co-work, prototype, and seek resources to Shenzhen’s vast supply chain. She works closely with both corporate and community partners looking to collaborate in IoT, education, tech art as well as social impact projects. Monica is also responsible for programming at Maker Faire Shenzhen, one of the largest of its kind in the world. She has over 10 years of experience as project manager in both multinational companies as well as startups in the creative industries, from fashion/lifestyle, internet, and entertainment. Since 2013, she has been active in the TEDx and maker communities in Asia and beyond.

START-UP CAMPANY helps brands to optimize marketing spending by analyzing photos on social media. We use our own AI and big data technology on social media photos to identify who is consuming which kind of products, in where, when and how to understand consumer behavior. Our team combines image recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers and consumer behavior analysis experts with a deep understanding of Asian consumers’ specificities.


Taz is an entrepreneur born in Kobe, Japan who grew up in Japan, Spain, UK, and US. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he worked for The Boston Consulting Group, before going on to start multiple businesses in and outside of Japan; A high end hair salon in Jakarta, a vacation house management business, and health care app development business, among others. He is also the former Japan Country Manager of Lumosity.
He is currently focused in BnA Co., Ltd., an art hotel start up that aims to support the artistic community in Japan.
He is an avid rock climber.


Maria Tsuruoka is the founder and CEO of Symax Inc. She started her carrier while a university student as an analyst at a venture capital company. In 2011 she joined a Japanese seed accelerator company and developed novel businesses. She also worked as a freelance consultant and helped a wide range of works, notably customer acquisition funnel analysis/improvement and R&D strategy planning for both startups and large companies. In 2014, she established Symax, Inc. and started to develop a new preventive healthcare service using a health monitoring device that can easily be set up inside any toilet. Symax is going to launch the product in collaboration with companies and governmental entities this year. She was elected as “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017″ in Healthcare & Science industry.


TripleW CTO : Yuichiro “Kuz” Kuzuryu After graduated master course in Tokyo Institute of Technology, had plenty of experiences about planning, R&D, mass production, and even sales/marketing in YAMAHA Corp. In 2011, joined “Miselu” the startup company in San Francisco as its first team member. In Miselu, developed Android based music keyboard “neiro” and iOS BLE music keyboard C.24. In 2016, joined TripleW which developing nursing-care IoT device “ DFree”. Truly tech geek to exhibit personal product in “Maker Faire in Bay Area”.

YUKAI Engineering Inc.

2001 Started Team Lab Inc while studying at Tokyo University, and assumed the position of CTO
2002 Graduated from the Tokyo University Department of Engineering, Mathematical Engineering Course
2007 Started Yukai LLC, a robotics venture with Mr Takashi Sagisaka
2008 Assumed position of CTO at pixiv Inc., starting a service with now almost 20 million users
2009 Completed Master’s Degree at Donghua University Graduate School for Information Science and Technology (Shanghai, China)
2011 Incorporated Yukai Engineering Inc.
2015 Appointed to the jury of the Good Design Award

DouZen, Inc.

Ken Miura grew up in the Silicon Valley area and began his career at Sony Corporation HQ in Japan in 1996. He was the product planner for such hit products as the VAIO Notebook PC and the CLIE Handheld Computer and developed a keen sense of hardware/software integrated connected devices and services while at Sony. Ken co-founded DouZen, Inc. in 2011 and is currently working on a new IoT connectivity device and platform called the Hale Orb . Ken holds a bachelor of science degree from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Autodesk Panoram 2017 Grand Winner

Novus Life Sciences 

*2017 French Tech Ticket – French Government Tech Accelerator *2016 GoAustria – Global Incubator Network Program by Austrian Government *2016 Global T*2017 French Tech Ticket – French Government Tech Accelerator *2016 GoAustria – Global Incubator Network Program by Austrian Government *2016 Global Top 15 and Hong Kong Champion – Innovation Forum IMAGINE IF! Deep Tech Accelerator *Hong Kong’s 20 Hottest Startups 2016 by HK Business Magazine *Asia’s Top 100 by Echelon Asia Summit 2016 *CNBC’s 20 world’s hottest start-ups in 2014 *Finalist – Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW 50) 2014nalist.


Empowering Proximity Marketing Awarded as one of the Top 100 Asia Winners 2016