POST : Sep 15,2016



Ana Montiel


Ana Montiel is a London-based, Spanish visual artist and designer. Her work enhances a universe of materials and media that range from screen printing to ceramics, through surface design, videoart and collage. Through Ana’s latest art project “Visual Mantras” (ongoing) she has explored repetitive drawing as a meditation itself and has developed a series of absorbing and richly coloured geometries that bring up the cyclical rhythm of life. Ana also works as an illustrator, art director and designer and has collaborated with brands such as Nina Ricci, Jo Malone, Carolina Herrera or Anthropologie. In 2008 she created Pattern Tales, a wallpaper brand which first product “Topo Azul” was selected as a ‘key product to watch’ in the New York Times’ Home & Garden supplement.


Beci Orpin

/ Australia

beci orpin was born in melbourne during the early 70′s to hippie parents. For the first 3 years of her life she lived out of the back of a landcrusier travelling around australia, and never had to wear shoes. On return to melbourne she moved into an inner-city commune, where she developed a love for drawing and decided that was all she ever wanted to do. After a misspent youth bouncing around sub-cultures (from grunge to indie to rave), and a few false starts into tertiary education, she finally graduated from BA textile design at RMIT in 1996. Since then she has been working freelance and exhibiting her artwork both locally and internationally. In 2000 she met her now husband raph, who almost instantly became her business partner. In 2001 she started clothing line princess tina, which she finished at the end of 2008, in favour of her occasional kids clothing line tiny mammoth and creating homewares and stationary-based products under her own name. These days, beci leads a domestic existence (with occasional bursts of debauchery) and when not drawing and designing, is likely to be found hanging with her two sons tyke and ari, gardening, riding her bike, opp-shopping, bird-watching and cooking.


Holly Wales

London / UK

Holly Wales is a UK based illustrator. Her work explores a variety of subject matter and is predominantly drawing-based, pushing colour marker pens to their limits. She works with text and multiple layers of colour to deconstructs forms & build dynamic compositions. Holly’s work plays on chance and process to produce a body of work which remains in a constant state of flux, where the process behind one image becomes the beginning of the next, focussing on the performance of chaos in a controlled visual structure, and highlighting moments in time. Holly is always experimenting with new materials in order to create her unique hand-made illustrations for print, online & animation. She has also exhibited work internationally in a number of group shows. Her client list includes; Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Deutsche Bank, Esquire, Fallon, Financial Times, Frieze, GQ, Nestle, The Guardian, GAS (Japan), The Wall Street Journal, Mens Health, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Byron Hamburgers, The Huffington Post, The V&A, The Telegraph, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, and Wired.





Tokyo / JAPAN

The work of Yuko Kanatani is steeped in a pop and psychedelic universe of a dazzling explosion of bright colors and repetitive patterns that join together and branch off into infinity.
From personal exhibits to diverse collaborations, her “joyful” work is expressed through paintings, collages, animations and installations.